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Meesh's Guest Time Machine

1990 - Barbara Jones

I interned for Barbara (Bausman) Jones at Uni Music. Packing boxes, calling records stores, and going to lots of concerts like Metallica, Guns N Roses, Live, Tom Petty! We possibly stalked Keanu Reeves' band, Dog Star.

1990 - Deanna Lyn

I met Deanna on the volleyball court at the Malibu Pier. We became fast friend and have supported each other in our tech careers ever since.

1994 - Jeff Ayeroff

Jeff Ayeroff and his co-President, Jordan Harris, left Virgin Records and started the WORK Group at Sony Music. I was the lowest man on the totem pole and learned a lot before shipping off to Philly for round 2 of business school.

1995 - Fred Croshal

Fred Croshal ran the sales team at the WORK Group at Sony Music as well as led our softball team to many victories! He wrote my business school recommendation and celebrated by dancing with Barbara Jones and me when I received my acceptances!

1996 - Matt Laessig

Matt and I met early during our first year at business school. We worked together in '99 - '01 in an effort to take the custom merchandise world by storm with my start-up, snacki.

1997 - Dan Beldy

Dan and I were one of the few people from our business school class to enter the tech world straight after graduation. I always wanted to be a Navy fighter pilot and live vicariously through his stories.

2007 - Liz Leung

In a desperate attempt to get pregnant, I chose to step off the corporate track and start my own consulting business. Liz was my first client at Epson America and remains my go-to mentor on important corporate and board-related matters. She's easily the most adept people manager I've had the pleasure of knowing.

2008 - Jed Weinstein

Jed is my NYC buddy and I crash at his place when I'm in the city. He's like a little brother to our family and he runs an aspirational luxury events business for big brands. It's amazing to see how buildings and spaces can be transformed in the name of marketing!

2011 - Dan Smith

Dan Smith was an executive at Playboy when we started working together on the Wharton SoCal board. He's a branding and marketing inspiration, always offering a listening ear to any and all crazy ideas I have.

2011 - Alli Warner

Alli started interning at Beacon Pointe Advisors when she was an undergraduate student at USC crushing balls on the volleyball court. She's a dynamo and now runs a podcast, has written a book and has deservedly landed in the c-suite.

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