Deanna Lyn – Head of Commercial Sales, Descartes Labs

Deanna Lyn Descartes Labs
I met Deanna playing beach volleyball at the Malibu pier when we were 19. Despite our very different backgrounds, we became fast friends and spent much time after work playing volleyball. Through the years, Deanna continues to impress me with her creative approach to technical enterprise sales, her ability to close deals no one considers possible, all while maintaining strong relationships and building camaraderie on her teams. She works hard and plays hard and I've learned so much from her.

Deanna Lyn and I spent our formative early 20s together learning the corporate ropes. I worked in the toy buying department for the Disney Stores and she worked for an author who wrote sales books.

During the summers, we’d call each other on our work lines to arrange arrival times at Santa Monica’s State Beach to play beach volleyball. Never afraid to try something new, Deanna moved to Santa Barbara, then to Colorado, and now lives with her husband in Mexico on a boat. Why not!??!

We share a lifetime of stories and I learned several important lessons about planning your next career move, what she expects candidates to ask in an interview, and how she mentored an employee on a PIP (performance improvement plan) to becoming one of the company’s top performers. 

About Deanna Lyn

Deanna has spent most of her career working as a sales and marketing professional in software/technology. She currently serves as Head of Commercial Sales at Descartes Labs, a company sitting at the intersection of AI, geospatial intelligence and global markets.

Prior to Descartes, Deanna was Director of Strategic Accounts at Invoca. Her experience has spanned three decades of complex high-tech sales as a direct contributor, partner manager and sales leader. While continuously exceeding company goals, she remains passionate about building teams, mentoring for success and always serving in both her customers’ and company’s best interest.

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