Jed Weinstein, Founder & CEO Rise & Set

Jed Weinstein, Founder RISE & SET
Jed is friends with my husband from childhood. I consider him a mensch; a person of high dignity and honor, a true gentleman. Jed runs RISE & SET, a luxury brand experiential agency and his vision for exceptional events is unmatched.

As an only child, I always yearned for a sibling. When my husband introduced me to his childhood friend, Jed Weinstein, I was immediately drawn to him. He’s one of the most kind and authentic gentlemen I’ve ever met. Truly, a mensch. And while this sounds weird because he’s younger than I am, he reminds me of my Dad – gentle, well-read, interesting, interested, creative. 🙂

I’m in Philly a few times a year for meetings so I also scoot up to NYC to see some shows and visit with friends. Jed and his wife always oblige and you’ll find me on their couch enjoying the vibrant energy of their Wall St. neighborhood.

On one visit, Jed invited me to a Hublot launch event his company, RISE & SET, was hosting in a non-descript warehouse walking distance of the High Line. Not thinking much about what I was doing or what to expect, I walked in and was immediately transported to a different world. His team had perfectly captured the brand’s uber-luxurious essence. Product was perfectly displayed for guests to try. The setting was very intimate, yet oozed grandeur. I’m not surprised that uber-luxury brands want to work with Jed’s team. He truly understands that aesthetic and what the customer wants.

Jed Weinstein hails from Newport Beach, CA. His passion for marketing was incubated at the prestigious Goizueta Business School in Atlanta, GA, where he was inducted into the Emory Sports Hall of Fame as an All-American Varsity tennis and soccer athlete.

After graduating, Jed founded his first entrepreneurial venture. Three years later, Latin America Sports Camps, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was sold for a profit to a local marketing agency.

Upon his return to the US, Jed was recruited to work with live concert and production company SFX Entertainment, which was subsequently acquired by Clear Channel Entertainment. After years of producing a multitude of award-winning events for the likes of Coca-Cola, Schering Plough, and XM Satellite Radio, it was time. Time to take the skills learned, experience gained, and relationships made, to create something…more.

RISE & SET is that “more” – the nation’s top luxury lifestyle marketing agency, creating superlative experiences for the world’s most high-profile luxury brands and clientele. 

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