Dr. David Deyhimy :: Founder & Medical Director MyMATClinic

Dr. David Deyhimy is a world-renowned expert on addiction medicine who founded and is Medical Director of MyMATClinic. He's a passionate physician who's determined to save lives with data-driven and scientifically-proven results, which differ greatly than how most patients are treated in the US.

I’ve known Dr. David Deyhimy since middle school. We spent a few years diving together on the high school team before he took junior year off to explore Europe on his road bike. He’s was an avid cyclist and when he returned, he seemed more mature in a way I hadn’t seen with other classmates who stuck around our idyllic little SoCal town near the beach.

David then went on to study at UCSD and took a few years off before applying for med school. Through the years, we lost touch until one of our high school reunions was sending classmates’ updates on Facebook. 

We reconnected and as it turns out, he lives just a few miles from me now. I quickly became fascinated with his work in addiction medicine. He taught me much about brain chemistry and how our culture has placed such stigma on drug addiction.

10 years later, Dr. Deyhimy is  a highly-sought after thought leader in the addiction medicine space, successfully treating patients throughout Southern California and consulting companies around the world.

We all know someone who struggles with addiction, so I encourage you to listen into Dr. Deyhimy’s non-traditional journey into medicine.

He shares salient and important information about how we should talk to our kids about drug use, how to be prepared for worst case scenarios, and what works and doesn’t work in the addiction recovery protocols.

About Dr. David Deyhimy

David I. Deyhimy, MD, FASAM, is an addiction medicine specialist and anesthesiologist dedicated to helping those suffering from drug addiction and preventing overdose deaths from opioids. He is the founder and medical director of MYMATCLINIC and the medical director of The Solace Foundation of Orange County, the first non-profit naloxone distribution program in Orange County. He is Chief Medical Advisor for Project Opioid and serves as a medical advisor for healthcare and digital therapeutics companies. A firm believer in medical research and evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatments, he has helped thousands of patients improve their lives with medical treatments, education, and behavioral change. David enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters in his free time. He is an avid cyclist who loves to surf and ski whenever possible.

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