Steve Scalia, CEO Tanner Pharma Group

Steve Scalia, President Tanner Pharma Group
Steve Scalia and I have known each other since our days at Penn, where he was studying to be a dentist, but soon realized his passion as an entrepreneur. He's part of my personal board - a close group of friends who knows me well and can tell it to me like it really is - and shares great insights about how he's successfully rebuilt from the ground up on a few occasions.

Steve Scalia and I became fast friends during our days at Penn. I considered him my ride-or-die and through the years we’ve been by each other’s side through highs and lows in career and life. 

Steve’s ability to listen…and I mean truly LISTEN, set him apart from most. He remembers seemingly minutiae details through our conversations and brings them back around years later when I’m on the phone late night with him discussing business strategy, career moves, or the challenges of raising kids.

He’s incredibly talented at learning through the eyes of others. He’s a consummate student and takes lessons learned from everyone around him and  applies them to his own teams and businesses. You won’t find anyone more loyal than Steve, as evidenced by his partnerships with friends he’s known since elementary school days. 

We share some good laughs and you’ll see that this charming Southern man delivers what he says to his team and businesses.

Steve Scalia’s bio

Steve leads all global business activities at Tanner Pharma, with responsibility for commercial growth, strategy, cross-divisional support functions and compliance.  In addition to overseeing the operating company, Steve is a leading member of the Tanner Risk Council, the Corporate Governance Leadership Team, the Executive Leadership Team, the Senior Management Team and the Tax & Corp Structure Advisory Committee.

In his previous role with Bourne Partners (Tanner Pharma’s parent company), Steve served as an Operating Partner with oversight of portfolio company operations for BurnsAdler Pharmaceuticals, Theramed Pharma, EnviroMaster-Tampa and Tanner Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to joining Bourne Partners and Tanner Pharma, Steve co-founded and launched three start-up motorcycle dealerships that included exclusive franchises for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia, Buell, Bimota and Excelsior-Henderson.  Start-up included business planning, franchise application, bank & SBA financing, real estate acquisition, real estate development, construction management, recruiting & hiring, budgeting, and business operations policies & procedures (HR, IT, Security, Facility, Accounting, Compliance and Inventory Management).  In his final year as a Harley dealer, his dealership achieved the Gold Bar & Shield award from HDMC, the most prestigious award given to the Top 20 dealerships (out of 770) in the US.

Steve began his career in the pharma industry, holding sales and management positions at Upjohn Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacia Corp.  He holds a degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.  In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his family, extreme sports (though not very extreme anymore), endurance sports and supporting charitable causes.

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