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Coco Brown Athena Alliance
Coco Brown is an inspirational entrepreneur who's served on boards and has led teams through tough economic downturns. She now is living her life's passion to help women in the latter stages of their careers; whether they're seeking board seats or wanting to start their own businesses. The Athena Alliance is a powerful network serving women across the US to network, learn, and support each other in their professional endeavors.

This episode is in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s Momentum Conference, an all-women’s event Oct. 1-3, 2021.

As I’ve entered what I consider the prime years of my career, I’ve been connecting with my girlfriends and colleagues about their aspirations. I spent 25 years in the corporate world and 21 of those had a parallel track spent serving on non-profit boards.

While I eased off the corporate track 3 years ago, I still find that I have much experience and energy to offer. Some of my friends suggested connecting with Coco Brown, CEO & Founder of the Athena Alliance. Coco, too, is a Penn alumna, and she’s built an incredible network of women seeking latter career moves. Many are interested in board service, while others want to start their own companies, and still others are very passionate about venture, private equity or angel investing. 

Athena is a fantastic way for women to continue to learn about these various avenues and connect with one another and companies seeking their expertise. 

About Coco Brown

Coco is a CEO and board member, actively leading Silicon Valley based professional services and tech companies since 1997. From 2002 to 2012 Coco was President and COO of Taos, a Gartner top 20 global IT professional and managed services company servicing hundreds of F1000 and top tier private growth companies nationally. She was also on the board of Taos for 12 years, leading the company through massive economic cycles and business model evolution and growth. Coco led the company to $54m in revenue, and the company has subsequently been sold to IBM. 

In 2016 Coco founded Athena Alliance, a digital platform for learning and agency for top business women striving for the c-suite and the boardroom. Athena has seen 2.8x growth in membership in the last 12 months since launching as a true subscription model and hosts over 1,000 women leaders today. Coco is a well-published expert and speaker on The Modern Boardroom. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Coco serves on the commercial boards of Athena Alliance, Inc and Archerpoint (an ESOP), as well as the non-profit board of Athena Rising Foundation.

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