Kristin Halton :: Founder & Owner, The Halton Group

Kristin Halton The Halton Group

Kristin is a guru in the SoCal residential real estate market. She learned quickly and built her business based on integrity, impeccable customer service, and tenacity. 

I first met Kristin at our kids’ school. As a working mom, I could spot her a mile away. Sharp suit, incredible confidence, and why in the world would someone who’s 6′ tall wear 4″ heels? Because she COULD and SHOULD….so she did. 

Kristin has come alongside my family a few times as we’ve searched for just the right property for my parents. Sadly, this has been more therapist work for Kristin than actual sales, but what she’s taught me is that doing what you do, and continuing to do it with integrity always wins. 

Kristin’s a stand out in this business and I know you’re going to love this episode!

About Kristin Halton

Kristin Halton, founder & owner of the Halton Group, is ranked among the top-producing real estate agents nationwide. She is proud to offer 22 years of award-winning expertise and impeccable attention to detail to buyers and sellers throughout the prestigious coastal communities of Orange County.


Kristin’s proactive approach, combined with her genuine passion for real estate, has solidified her as a real estate leader within the community. Kristin and her entire team look forward to earning your trust and helping you discover the smarter way to buy or sell a home.