Jeff Stotland, EVP Hudson Pacific

Jeff and I have known each other since our Wharton days. He was one of the few others who also hailed from the entertainment world prior to business school. I’ve always found him to be such a brilliant thinker who’s willing to take risks, and explore seemingly unsexy verticals.

Meesh Pierce – advisor, board member, podcaster

Hi! It’s me, the host of MENTOR dna. Many of you have asked to hear my story, so Wharton Professor Pete Fader interviews me in this weird and fun episode. Thanks for listening!

Pete Fader – Wharton Marketing Professor

Pete is my favorite Wharton professor. There I’ve said it! His deep interest in data, passion for teaching, and drawing out curiosities from his students changed my career. He shares his journey as a young professor all the way through selling an analytics company focused on customer lifetime value to Nike. Using the same concepts, Pete and his partners applied them to corporate valuation, which has been extremely appealing to investment banks, private equity companies and venture funds.

Mark Bogh, President Bogh Engineering

Mark Bogh walks in the room and you know he’s your guy. He’s knowledgable, confident, magnetic personality, and unlike most engineers, says yes more than he says no. His team is loyal and his clients love him. Mark’s an inspirational leader in the construction world and his can-do approach has touched the lives of families who attend the 200+ schools or the theme park attractions he’s built during his vibrant career.

Courtney Reed, Broadway Lead Actress

Have you met someone and thought “They can’t be that nice! No one is really that nice!” Well, I’ve been proven wrong with Courtney Reed. She exudes kindness on and off stage, and her incredible talent makes her a top choice for Broadway producers and directors. She leads with a gentle confidence in her productions and is a fan favorite. Her business acumen impresses as well as she aligns herself with creatives to produce projects that get bought by companies like Disney. Let’s go!!!

Jed Weinstein, Founder & CEO Rise & Set

Jed is friends with my husband from childhood. I consider him a mensch; a person of high dignity and honor, a true gentleman. Jed runs RISE & SET, a luxury brand experiential agency and his vision for exceptional events is unmatched.


Dan and I served together on the board for the Wharton Club of Southern California for many years. He’s a former executive at Playboy, Fox and American Gladiators and is a digital marketing expert. He’s parlayed his learnings from his TV days into consumer product ventures like JIMMYCASE, and is a consummate connector as he runs Marketing Mondays for Wharton SoCal.

Fred Croshal – Music Industry Sales & Marketing Exec

Fred Croshal is one of the most positive and nurturing people I know. His energy immediately permeates any room environment, making fast friends. Fred was head of sales at the WORK Group at Sony Music and he wrote one of my recommendations for my business school applications. When I opened my acceptance letters, he blasted Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” in his office at volume 11 as we danced and laughed our hearts out in celebration!

Jeff Ayeroff

Jeff Ayeroff was the Co-President of the WORK Group at Sony Music before I went to business school. He was at the top of the pyramid and I was the plebe assistant in the Product Management group. He’s an industry legend and while he may not have realized it, I learned so much from him and his renegade ways.

Barbara Jones

I interned for Barbara at Uni Music when I was 18. After graduation, I went to Disney and she went to Sony, then I followed her and we’ve worked on numerous projects since. She’s an incredible mentor to me and I’d do anything for her.