Dr. David Deyhimy :: Founder & Medical Director MyMATClinic

I’ve known Dr. David Deyhimy since middle school. We spent a few years diving together on the high school team before he took junior year off to explore Europe on his road bike. He’s was an avid cyclist and when he returned, he seemed more mature in a way I hadn’t seen with other classmates who stuck around our idyllic little SoCal town near the beach.

David then went on to study at UCSD and took a few years off before applying for med school. Through the years, we lost touch until one of our high school reunions was sending classmates’ updates on Facebook. 

We reconnected and as it turns out, he lives just a few miles from me now. I quickly became fascinated with his work in addiction medicine. He taught me much about brain chemistry and how our culture has placed such stigma on drug addiction.

10 years later, Dr. Deyhimy is  a highly-sought after thought leader in the addiction medicine space, successfully treating patients throughout Southern California and consulting companies around the world.

We all know someone who struggles with addiction, so I encourage you to listen into Dr. Deyhimy’s non-traditional journey into medicine.

He shares salient and important information about how we should talk to our kids about drug use, how to be prepared for worst case scenarios, and what works and doesn’t work in the addiction recovery protocols.

About Dr. David Deyhimy

David I. Deyhimy, MD, FASAM, is an addiction medicine specialist and anesthesiologist dedicated to helping those suffering from drug addiction and preventing overdose deaths from opioids. He is the founder and medical director of MYMATCLINIC and the medical director of The Solace Foundation of Orange County, the first non-profit naloxone distribution program in Orange County. He is Chief Medical Advisor for Project Opioid and serves as a medical advisor for healthcare and digital therapeutics companies. A firm believer in medical research and evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatments, he has helped thousands of patients improve their lives with medical treatments, education, and behavioral change. David enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters in his free time. He is an avid cyclist who loves to surf and ski whenever possible.

Christy Glass Lowe :: Capital Strategy Consultant

Christy Glass Lowe headshot

Christy Glass Lowe and I spent our formative freshmen year at Penn together. We squished ourselves into what otherwise should’ve been a dorm room for one person…after all, everyone else on our hall had singles.

We remained friends throughout college and beyond and have a lot of fun shared memories. One in particular is a time when, during senior year fall finals, Christy called to say “Bon Jovi is playing tonight. We’re going!”

Before I realized it, we were on the Orange Train in west Philly headed to the arena. I interned for the company that owned the venue and we finagled our way into the front row of the show.

Not too shabby considering we’d paid $10 for the most nose-bleed seats you could buy.

Christy has been an inspiration to many as a leader in investment banking circles. She’s one of the few women I know to have successfully navigated the competitive and rigorous world of finance, quickly breaking into the C-Suite , all while gracefully and thoughtfully raising three children.

She now uses her gifts to work closely with Founders on fundraising strategy; something most entrepreneurs don’t carefully plan.

I know you’ll love this episode as Christy shares great stories about her early days at Goldman Sachs, then as the only woman partner at a boutique M&A advisory firm, to now serving on boards for branded consumer companies.

About Christy Glass Lowe

Since January 2016, Ms. Lowe has been the CEO of CLowe Advisors, LLC, a strategic consulting
firm specializing in capital strategy for consumer focused business. Prior to founding CLowe Advisors, LLC, Ms. Lowe was a
Managing Director at Imperial Capital, LLC from 2007 to 2015. At Imperial, she founded the annual Imperial Capital Consumer
Conference in 2009 which featured branded consumer companies and consumer focused private equity investors. Prior to Imperial, Ms. Lowe was the Co-Founder & Head of Consumer Practice at USBX Advisory Services, LLC from 2000 to 2007.
Ms. Lowe was a Corporate Finance Associate at Goldman, Sachs & Co from 1998 to 2000 and a Financial Analyst in Investment Banking and Capital Markets at Goldman Sachs from 1993 to 1996.
She serves on the Board of Directors of Burch Barrell, she is an Advisory Board member at Clare V., a Board Member and Finance Chair of the Pacifica Christian High School; and Finance
Committee Member of the Park Century School. Ms. Lowe received a BA in International Relations from the University of
Pennsylvania, a BS in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the Stanford
Graduate School of Business.
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Kristin Halton :: Founder & Owner, The Halton Group

Kristin Halton The Halton Group

Kristin is a guru in the SoCal residential real estate market. She learned quickly and built her business based on integrity, impeccable customer service, and tenacity. 

I first met Kristin at our kids’ school. As a working mom, I could spot her a mile away. Sharp suit, incredible confidence, and why in the world would someone who’s 6′ tall wear 4″ heels? Because she COULD and SHOULD….so she did. 

Kristin has come alongside my family a few times as we’ve searched for just the right property for my parents. Sadly, this has been more therapist work for Kristin than actual sales, but what she’s taught me is that doing what you do, and continuing to do it with integrity always wins. 

Kristin’s a stand out in this business and I know you’re going to love this episode!

About Kristin Halton

Kristin Halton, founder & owner of the Halton Group, is ranked among the top-producing real estate agents nationwide. She is proud to offer 22 years of award-winning expertise and impeccable attention to detail to buyers and sellers throughout the prestigious coastal communities of Orange County.


Kristin’s proactive approach, combined with her genuine passion for real estate, has solidified her as a real estate leader within the community. Kristin and her entire team look forward to earning your trust and helping you discover the smarter way to buy or sell a home.

Gary Addeo – Pastor, Sales Lead, AAA Pitcher

Gary Addeo

Gary Addeo is a mentor that’s poured into my life in such rich and impactful ways, that I struggle to understand how he does it for so many other people, too. He came into my life as a bible study leader when my husband and I first met and has since been such an incredible friend to our entire family, guiding us in spiritual matters, helping with parenting questions, and acting as a sound board for some of life’s biggest decisions. 

Gary truly has a servant’s heart and has touched thousands of lives; church members, clients from his printing days, and homeless people he meets and shepherds. Tune in as he shares stories about his start in the minor leagues as a pitcher, having to walk away from his life’s dream to play in the MLB, to his 4th career buying land for a regional logger and developer in the Pacific North West.     

About Gary Addeo

Gary Addeo started his career as a pitcher playing AAA baseball. After tearing his rotator cuff during spring training one year, he had to make a tough decision. He decided to pursue a different avenue and entered into a 36-year career in sales in the printing and typesetting industry. 

After nearly four decades commuting from Orange County to all parts of Southern California, Gary’s doctors warned him that the long commutes and stress were significantly impacting his health. Gary volunteered in his local churches through his adult years and felt called to pursue ministry full time.  An exciting and lifelong-dream to become a community pastor presented itself and he jumped! 

Gary spent much time helping friends, family and strangers in need. He’s an incredible prayer warrior and knows the Word and exactly how to reference the right scriptures. He and his family have hosted countless people and families in their own homes, including professional surfers and skateboarders who moved in and out of the Volcom house in Newport Beach in its earliest days.

He led life groups and recovery ministries for 8 years at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa. As leadership changed at the church, he also saw the writing on the wall. It was evident that that he was being called away from Southern California. To his friends, this seemed impossible. How could a man who grew up surfing and loving the beach so much move away!?

But family duties called. He and his wife made the move to the Pacific Northwest, where he started a new chapter working for his son-in-law in timber sales and land development. Gary’s calm demeanor immediately puts anyone at ease, and his friendly approach has served him well through all of his years in sales.